IDHR Centre Library in Yerevan
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IDHR Centre Library was established in Yerevan in 1999. The library is constantly updated and renewed. At the library you can find over 1000 books, booklets, magazines, monographs and reports in Armenian, Russian, English and French. The library also contains IDHR's publications.
Literature on the following topics is available at the library:
  • Human rights and democracy
At the library you can find various conventions, charters, universal declarations, international legal documents on human rights, reports published by Armenian and international organizations, regional analysis on democracy, and other materials.
In addition to legal literature you can find books on economic and social rights, particularly analysis of poverty reduction problems in Armenia , implementation and evaluation of the Poverty Overcoming Strategy Paper (POSP).
  • Public administration and local self-governance
A series of publications and learning-methodological resources on current problems of public administration in Armenia , basics of local self-governance, public sector reforms.
  • Civic literature
The library offers analyses and various materials on civic issues.
  • Art and fiction
The library offers works of Armenian and foreign writers and intellectuals.
  • Education
Here you can find materials on current education reforms and publications on civic education.
  • Social issues
In this section you can find materials and publications on social issues.
  • Economy
Materials on labor market and state budget are available in this section.
In addition to literature on the above-mentioned topics IDHR Centre Library has publications on Philosophy and religion, History, Psychology, Environmental Protection, Healthcare and Armenia-Diaspora relations and issues.
You can visit the library at IDHR's Centre, 
Aygedzor 4/1 Monday to Friday, at 10:00 – 13:00 and at 14.00-16.00.
Procedure for using IDHR Centre Library
You can read the publications available at IDHR Centre Library at the Centre. In order to check out books from the library you need to present a personal identification document. The books are checked out for a period of two weeks. Upon the reader\\\'s request this period can be extended if necessary.
You can take the books immediately upon request. To access archive materials it is necessary to request the librarian at least one week in advance so that the requested materials are prepared.


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