On September 27, the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (NGO) in frames of the project “Transformer: Culture on Wheels” showed the film “Being a citizen” in village Martuni, Gegharkunik marz
On July 18, 2014 a discussion on essays “patriotism”, “anarchism”, “love and marriage” written by Emma Goldman was organized in Mashtots park.
The forum will be held in Yerevan, Armenia, on the 17-19 October, 2014 with about 15 events – panel discussions, presentations, workshops, performance, gardening, music.
Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR) is an independent non-governmental organization based in Yerevan, Armenia, registered in August 1999 under the Association Law of the Republic of Armenia.

Designing a democratic public space

The project "Designing a democratic public space" aims at development of a diverse and democratic public space that will serve as a platform to enable social groups involved in the project to raise their concerns and try to find solutions through educational and cultural activities which in turn will contribute to the improvement of their economic situation as well as the formation and development of their civic consciousness.
19 women participate in the project. The planned activities and events have started since May 15, 2014. Some of the events are devoted to team building, self awareness, freedom and the participants gain some theoretical knowledge on these topics.  The invited specialists conduct workshops such as making soap, candles, jewellery, growing plants and vegetables at home. The aim of the workshops is to teach participants the skills that will be applied in future to increase economic independence.

The project is funded by Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Development of university autonomy. Research on current issues

This research aims to identify the development of university autonomy and from the perspective of management: what problems there are in this field, what kind of solutions are possible and what steps to take so that education is more independent.  While a large number of research has been carried out on issues related to the quality and accessibility of education, the Bologna Process, etc, the questions of management and autonomy have not been addressed or studied much.
This research covers only public higher educational institutions of Armenia where the State is the founder of the universities. The problems of autonomy of private universities and universities founded by intergovernmental contracts are not studied in this research.  University management issues, forms and authorities, the relations between universities and state bodies are studied. The autonomy of university students and teaching staff is discussed. 



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Tesaket (Opinion) IDHR 32

Tesaket (Opinion) IDHR 32 was published in April, 2012 titled " The radical struggle of civil state breaks through criminal-oligarch state". 

You can take this and other issues  from IDHR library.

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