EcoLab Project Management Meeting


July 25-31, 2015

Vanadzor, RA


The main goal of the Project Management Meeting is thoroughly elaborating and planning the existing project ideas so that they become feasible to implement in the given time and resource constraints.

It is of utmost importance that the projects be realized ″with people″ and not ″for people″. One of the EcoLab principles is that people do not develop or change when they are being supplied with products or services and the supplied ″aid″ is eventually fully consumed. Thus, we strive for co-creations as an alternative to gifts and charity, so that apart from the end result people also have a chance to learn making-decisions, sharing responsibility and cooperating.

During the 7 working days of the seminar we have learned formulating goals, involving beneficiaries, dividing work and more. One of the important innovations in the curriculum was the involvement of topic experts and activists in the seminar: we invite various experienced professionals whose expertize matches with the thematic focus of the participant projects. The experts work with the participants for half a day helping finalize the project idea by giving advice and sharing their experience. This collaboration proved to be very inspiring and efficient for the participants.

At the end of the seminar 10 projects were selected to be funded and implemented from August to October, 2015. This leads us to the next learning step which is the self-directed learning. In this phase the project participants will proceed to community-based project implementation under the guidance of peer-mentors. The next- reflection and evaluation meeting is scheduled for November 2015. Good-bye till then!

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