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10.12.2007 • Where is the Armenian LEFT, the true alternative?

28.05.2005 • OPEN LETTER

31.05.2005 • The Artsakh (Karabakh) issue, the right and struggle for national self-determination, issues of strengthening Armenian statehood

05.07.2005 • IDHR's Comments and Suggestions on the report presented by Goran Lennmarker in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

01.09.2006 • The role and future of education in Armenia: for the development of democratic statehood, based on the principles of human rights, social justice and solidarity

07.12.2006 • Poverty overcoming implies statehood and society based on justice, equality, equity, love, solidarity, human dignity and fundamental human rights

08.03.2007 • Let us struggle for equal rights and representation of women, for justice and for the democratic and static development and national security of RA

03.03.2005 • COMMUNIQUE To the President, the Government, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and all Armenian People

29.10.2007 • IDHR Communique of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

10.02.2011 • Armed Forces of the modern image of conceptual.IDHR's proposals

01.03.2008 • IDHR statement of 1 March 2008

21.04.2008 • IDHR COMMUNIQUE

21.07.2008 • CALL

23.04.2009 • IDHR's stance on Armenian-Turkish relations, current developments

14.07.2009 • Announcement. Madrid principles or to refuse to resign

03.09.2009 • IDHR's statement in 2009. August 31, between Armenia and Turkey signed protocols on

11.11.2009 • We do not accept any trade in national and state interests in

07.07.2007 • CALL

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