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On 24 July, 2009, IDHR Center hosted a lecture by "Antranig Bedrossian on "The Global Crisis and the Left Alternative." The lecture focused on current social-political and economic developments conditioned by the global financial-economic and systemic crisis, opportunities for left-wing ideological forces in Armenia and worldwide, the environmental factor and its relation towards the Left political alternative.  Read more on this issue at http://hetq.am/am/politics/andranik-petrosyan/


Antranig Bedrossian is a political scientist and seeks for MA degree in the University of Montreal, Department of International Relations.  He is an author of a number of articles about the Armenian Cause and other issues. Bedrossian has held numerous lectures on Armenian and global issues in the University of Montreal, Yerevan State University and Stepanakert State University. He is the president of "Nakhijevan" Institute of Canada, and is editing a series of publications on Armenian and international issues. 


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