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"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 29

Only a sovereign and dignified person and nation, who loves and respects him/herself, his/her family, community and country, is able to develop and live in security.  It is high time to straighten, so than nobody, neither from inside, nor from outside can ride our back.

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 28

WAKE UP, ARMENIANS! Wake up Armenia, wake up Artsakh, wake up Diaspora, wake up Armenian people, wherever you are, before too late in order to be reborn, to begin living a full and dignified life, in order to finally put an end to this vicious circle, which is imposed upon you and which is wrecking you permanently.
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"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 27

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 26

WE SHALL NOT TOLERATE any trading around state and national interests.


"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 25

REBELLION is a right of the human and of the nation. It should be constant and permanent, and for the human and national fundamental values.

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 24

Where is the alternative LEFT? Let us eject MOBism and populism. Let us be reborn as a powerful people and nation.

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 23

PEOPLE OWN the country. The mission of the authorities is to SERVERE the people. Let us DEMAND accountability from the authorities.

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 22

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 21
"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 20
"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 19
"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 18
"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 17
"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 16
"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 14-15

"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 13

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"TESAKET (Opinion)-IDHR", N 1

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