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15.11.2007 • COMPREHENDING CAPITALISM: From Founding Theories to the Deviations of Globalization

01.08.2006 • World Social Forum: Another World is Possible

01.08.2005 • Democracy, Education and Multiculturalism: Dilemmas of Citizenship in a Global World

01.12.2003 • International and Armenian Human Rights Protection Practices

01.06.2003 • A View of Poverty and Survival and the Processes of Social Stratification in the Republic of Armenia

16.05.2003 • Collection of Legal Acts on Civil Service

01.05.2003 • Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) and the Problems of Protecting Democratic Principles in Armenia: Participating Process

03.06.2002 • The Magor Issue of Investments Policy’s Orientation in the Strategy for Overcoming Poverty in the RA

01.06.2002 • The Role of Scientific-Educational and Cultural Policy in the Strategy for Overcoming Poverty in the RA

04.12.2001 • Protection of Human Rights and the Role of Democratic Values in Overcoming Poverty

03.12.2001 • The Systematic Roots of Poverty in Armenia and ways of Overcoming them

02.12.2001 • The Ways of Overcoming Poverty in Rural and Urban Areas

01.12.2001 • The Major Issues Related to Poverty Reduction in Communities of Armenia

01.11.2001 • My/Our Vision of Poverty Eradication

01.06.2001 • Formulation of Employment Market and the Employment Problems in the Strategy gor Overcoming Poverty in the RA

01.12.2000 • The European Convention on Human Rights and Armenian Law: Impact of Ratification of the Convention in Armenia

01.05.2000 • Poverty and Democracy in Armenia

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