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General activities

IDHR activities focus on the following areas:


Education of civic activists: IDHR works with young people through training courses, lectures and discussions, and involving them in field work. IDHR encourages and supports responsible and committed young people to self-develop and contribute in the civil society building in Armenia.


Publication: Since 2000, IDHR publishes “Tesaket (Opinion)-IDHR” quarterly journal. It disseminates the ideals, principles and stances of IDHR, the institute’s activity, as well as different articles, analyses and pieces corresponding to its ideology.  The journal is distributed free of charge in Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) and in diasporan communities.  Moreover, IDHR translates and publishes different books and materials, which help the Armenian public to have an access to the pieces of international progressive social-political thought.


Civic self-organisation: IDHR empowers people to self-organize, and promotes action and struggle on the bases of legal and civic principles, at different levels. IDHR has created a number of success stories: (a) brought to accountability Yerevan’s most powerful “Centre” condominium association to prove legitimacy of its formation and to provide report and accounts for its past 4-year activity.  Within the legal suit it was proven that the Condominium association has no necessary documentation to prove legal grounds of its formation, and nor has it acted in an accountable and transparent manner with its members/residents; (b) succeeded to protect and preserve a courtyard and green area in the centre of Yerevan, where Yerevan City Hall and “Armenian Electricity Networks” Russian private company intended to construct an electricity substation and destroy the safe public space.  IDHR provides advice and support to citizens to protect their human rights with civic and legal methods.


Monitoring public policies: IDHR promotes and enhances national and civic consciousness and puts issues of national importance on the public decision-making agenda through cooperation with creative intellectuals and members of grassroots organizations. IDHR also empowers people in Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) and in the Diaspora to become civically engaged and to participate in the development of public policy. IDHR monitors and expresses its stances on Armenia’s educational, social-economic policies, Artsakh (Karabagh) issue and Armenia-Turkey relations, environmental issues and other important social-political problems. 

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