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Civic Activism Forums
IDHR has been holding Civic Activism Forums since 2002. Through these discussions, IDHR cultivates a culture of public debate and dialogue in Armenia by raising issues of importance for our nation and state to the public agenda.
IDHR organizes several community-wide forums, holds a series of documentary film screenings, and conducts educational seminars in an effort to educate the youth and citizens on activism and on fighting apathy in the socio-political and socio-economic realm. With these efforts, IDHR creates opportunities for the reassessment of universal and national values and the individual and collective development of free, conscious and creative individuals and citizens in Armenia. 

Since its inception, IDHR has established an Associate Youth Club which then became the Civic Discussions Club. IDHR's Civic Discussions Club takes a sharper and more expressive position on the discussion of foreign policy and civic issues, particularly revolving social, political, economic, and environmental causes. 

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