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4. Membership, Affiliation and Secession from Membership; the Rights and Obligations of the Members of the Organization

An excerpt from IDHR’s Charter
4.1. Each underage individual, below 18 years old, who adopts this statute and contributes to the achievement of the organization’s statutory goals and objectives through its activities, and pays membership fees, may become a member of the organization.
4.2. An individual may become a member of the organization through a written application; prospective candidates must be recommended by two members of the board of governance and the applicant must be an active adherent to the organization for at least two years.
4.3. The decision on a new member’s affiliation is decided by the organization’s board of governance.
4.4. The organization may have adherents, who are not its members buy may contribute to the achievement of its statutory goals and objectives.
4.5. Each underage individual, up to 18 years of age, who is supporting the implementation of the organization’s programs may become an adherent on the basis of his/her written application.
4.6. Adherents of the organization enjoy all rights of membership, except obligations prescribed by the sub point a) of 4.13 point of given statutes.
4.7. The adherents’ affiliation shall be exercised by the general order of membership prescribed by this statute; and the measures of encouragement or sanction towards them shall be applicable according to the established procedure for the organization’s members.
4.8. The organization may keep records of its members and regularly refresh their data. The order to keep records for members and adherents shall be defined by the organization’s board of governance.
4.9. Members of the organization pay membership fees in sum and through a collection order stipulated by the organization’s board of governance.
4.10. Secession from membership shall be granted after the submission of a written application and by the decision of the board of governance. 
4.11. The dismissal of a member shall be exercised by the decision of the board of governance. Any decision of the board of governance concerning the member or any claim may ultimately be revised by the supreme body— the Congress, on a basis of written application.
4.12. The member of the organization has the right:
a) to elect and to be elected in governing and supervising bodies of the organization;
b) to present to the governing bodies proposals, comments, projects on organization activities and programs;
c) to express freely his/her opinion(s);
d) to be informed on the organization’s activity;
e) to participate in events organized by the organization;
f) to withdraw from the organizations’ membership.
4.13. The member of the organization is obliged:
a) to pay a membership fee in prescribed sum and in order;
b) to participate timely, orderly and in disciplinary manner in the organization’s works;
c) to contribute to a promotion of the organization’s prestige through his/her activity;
d) to operate in accordance with given statutes;
e) to implement the organization’s decisions.
4.14. The organization fixes a rank “IDHR honorary member” to be granted to the individuals, especially supporting the achievement of its statutory goals.
4.15. The organization’s members, adherents, honorary members do have the right of shareholder of the organization’s property.
4.16. The board of governance of the organization may adopt measures of encouragements and sanctions towards its members if they violate the clauses of given statutes. The order to give encouragement to or sanctions towards its members shall be prescribed by the organization’s board of governance.
If you wish to become a member or an adherent of the organization, please visit IDHR Center or contact the Vice-President or the President at idhr.ngo@gmail.com.
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