02.12.2001 • The Ways of Overcoming Poverty in Rural and Urban Areas

The Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR) is an independent, non-governmental organization registered under the Association Law of the Republic of Armenia (1999). Its main objective is to promote sustainable democracy and human rights in Armenia within regional perspectives. We believe that this is the main guarantee for a free, dignified, and prosperous living and development of Armenian society as a whole, as well as, the possibility for fulfilled participation in the large family of humanity.
IDHR in close cooperation with active and intellectual forces, as well as ensuring wide participation of society, from June 2001 in cooperation with OXFAM (GB) non governmental organization's Armenian office, initiated the organization and implementation of active participation of broad sectors of the society in the process of development of a comprehensive national Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (The RA Government in 2000 has developed an Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (IPRSP), which is called to serve a basis for the final development of the PRSP).
IDHR believes that it is important to ensure that the main problems of the society and public life are integrated in the public discourse and that the public becomes aware of and participates in the development of public discourse. Therefore within the framework of the above-mentioned program/process on July 2001 IDHR initiated the publication of this series of booklets on different aspects of poverty in Armenia.
This series of booklets aim at supporting the promotion of new ideas and at generating various viewpoints and approaches through research and scientific methodology on the particularities of Poverty and ways of its eradication in Armenia. Furthermore, this will contribute to the preparation of the principles and programme of the comprehensive PRSP.
IDHR wishes, that these booklets prepared and published by its initiative, become a useful tool for the development of the principles of the comprehensive PRSP, and stimulate the organization of constructive debates on the above-mentioned issues.
IDHR is specially interested in emphasizing those viewpoints relating to the poverty problems, which were not properly paid attention till now. Therefore, in this series of booklets the reflection is made on the systemic nature of poverty; on the problem of connection between poverty and the values of human rights and democracy; on the peculiarities of poverty in rural and urban places; and on the issues of interconnection between the local governance problems and poverty.
These analytical booklets will give an opportunity to the Steering Committee of PRSP to make a wider choice among the variety of opinions.
The IDHR extends its profound gratitude to all authors of these booklets; to OXFAM (GB) non-governmental organization's Armenian office staff; to all members and staff of IDHR, for their valuable contribution in the preparation and publication of these booklets.

IDHR gives importance to such proactive participation in the process of defining and solving of the main problems of the society, in the same time urges the authorities to listen to the suggestions and viewpoints represented in these booklets.
Effective and sustainable programmes, which serve the interests of society as a whole, should be developed with combined efforts. This is the precondition for the development of a civic and participative democratic state.
The Institute for Democracy and Human Rights - IDHR
Yerevan, December 2001


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